Lietuvos meno galerininkų asociacija

Art critic, gallerist, and exhibition curator Sonata Baliuckaitė started her professional career while studying at the Vilnius Academy of Arts (in 2009 she received a bachelor’s degree and in 2011, a master’s degree in art history). Since 2010, she has been the curator of exhibitions and projects at the Meno Niša Gallery, and for ten years the professional art critic has curated over 60 personal and group exhibitions in Lithuania and abroad.

Since 2011, she has joined the team of organizers of the international contemporary art fair ArtVilnius, she is the artistic director of the fair, and the curator of the international exhibition of sculptures, installations, and performances Takas. In 2015, she was granted the status of an artist. From 2017 to 2019 she was an expert of the Lithuanian Culture Council. Since 2019, she has been a member/expert of the Panevėžys City Art Gallery art council.

Since 2012, S. Baliuckaitė has been sharing her work experience with Vilnius Academy of Arts students of art history, textile and culture management, graphics, and sculpture, who annually perform internships at the ArtVilnius art fair, review diploma works, and participate in defenses.

S. Baliuckaitė has been invited and participated in conferences in Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia, Germany, etc., where she has shared experiences about creative industries, contemporary art and art market processes, international cooperation.

As a professional art critic, Sonata Baliuckaitė has published articles on contemporary art, theater, creative industries, the art market in magazines Dailė, Krantai, Miesto IQ, Baltic Jewelry, and in the weekly newspaper 7 meno dienos.

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