Lietuvos meno galerininkų asociacija

LMGA projects

Since the very beginning, the Lithuanian Art Gallerists’ Association has been organizing several important projects

Art Fair ArtVilnius

ArtVilnius is the only contemporary art fair in Lithuania and the largest event of visual arts in Eastern Europe. ArtVilnius, which had its start in 2009, was one of the most important events in the Vilnius – European Capital of Culture project.


Since the beginning, the art fair has expanded and become firmly established on the local and international art scene, as well as on the list of must-visit events for art lovers.


This is also confirmed by the statistics. Every year ArtVilnius has over 23,000 visitors, with about 65 art galleries from a dozen or so countries participating (Germany, Estonia, Latvia, Poland, Ukraine, Lithuania, Belarus, the Netherlands, Russia, Italy, France etc). 


ArtVilnius takes place every year in one of the best exhibition spaces in Lithuania – the Exhibition and Congress Centre Litexpo.


More information about the fair can be found on the website

Event Night at the Gallery

The project Night at the Gallery was organised in  2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020.


After the end of the program of the second day of ArtVilnius, art lovers were invited to continue their art itineraries in the city.


The event Night at the Gallery took place in Vilnius galleries selected by the organizers, where that day doors were open until 11 pm.


Making their way through the galleries until dusk, art lovers visited exhibitions, met artists, and took part in special excursions.


In 2020, 13 selected Vilnius galleries participated in the event on 2 October.

More information about the project Night at the Gallery can be found on the website


One of the key processes in the creative industries is networking. In order to create a product, develop its export potential, and promote the processes of creative industries, it is necessary to promote cooperation between different sectors, develop art and business processes.


Since 2018, the Lithuanian Art Gallerists’ Association has been organizing a series of practical seminars covering various topics relevant to galleries: insurance, contracts, transportation, copyright, and other issues, the results and practical knowledge of which have proven to be highly successful.


In October 2019, a second practical seminar about electronic marketing and communication was held for gallerists.


Also, an international conference Metamodernism – Relevance Today. What are the opportunities for the development of the creative mind? took place during the art fair ArtVilnius’20.