Lietuvos meno galerininkų asociacija

Meno rinkos agentūra (The Art Market Agency), established in 2007, administers the first auction house in Lithuania, “Vilnius Auction”, as well as the art gallery “Kunstkamera” and the School of Art History (MIM). Specific auctions of books, design objects and photography have been held in “Vilnius auction” house, as well as regular art auctions. The first inaugural exhibition of the gallery, held in 2010, presented the legendary Lithuanian painter-expressionist Rimvidas Jankauskas–Kampas, a member of the Angis group.

Since then, more than half a hundred exhibitions have been organized (on average – 5 per year). MIM, which has been active since 2014, prepares an average of 6 courses on art history and contemporary art each year. The Art Market Agency provides consulting and art evaluation services.