Lietuvos meno galerininkų asociacija

The Klaipėda Gallery is located in a cozy timber framing house built in the XVIII century. There are four exhibition halls with a total area of 147 square meters.

Klaipėda Gallery promotes the spread of professional art, organizes exhibitions of professional artists, carries out and develops art projects in the gallery and other exhibition halls of the Republic of Lithuania or foreign countries.

The gallery presents works of art from various genres: painting, sculpture, graphics, jewellery, installations, object art, medal art etc. Personal and group exhibitions have formed a complex of exhibitions based on the change of visual and applied art. The nature and format of the exhibited works are determined by the specific space- unique timber framing house architecture of Lithuania Minor.

The gallery aims to present active members of the Lithuanian Artists’ Association Klaipėda’s Department: A. Banytė, D. Kirkutienė, L. Natalevičius, V. Viningąs, R. Klimavičius, J. Vosylius, D. Ložytė, A. Garjonas, V, Burba, R. Marčius, R. Martinionis, S. Želnytė, A. Matulionytė, T. Šlimaitė-Bubelienė, N. Poškutė-Jukumienė, A. Anusas, A. Klemencovas, G. Oškinytė-Eimanavičienė, G. Eimanavičiūtė, S. Bertulis, D. Drulys, P. Gintalas, R. Inčirauskas, Z. Inčirauskienė, R. Vaitkutė, A. Bosas, G. Jonkus, A. Petkus and others.