Lietuvos meno galerininkų asociacija

Modern and contemporary art gallery Arts Bridge focuses on representing XX-XXI c. Lithuanian émigré art. One can stop by to simply enjoy art or purchase favourite pieces of paintings, sculptutres, photography, graphics. Closely collaborating with Rūta Jusionytė, Vytenis Lingys, as well as Vytautas Kasiulis‘, Pranas Lapė‘s and Pranas Gailius‘ relatives in Paris, Arts Bridge gallery organises their solo and group exhibitions in Vilnius and beyond. Arts Bridge is delighted to represent such renowned artists in Europe as Serge Labegorre. Gérard Stricher, Marc Petit, Robert Sabociński, Nicolas Gasiorowski, Cristine Guinamand, Marc Krüger, Niyaz Najafov, Olivier de Sagazan, Johan van Mullem, Jean-Louis Nehlich.

Every year gallery organizes plein-airs in Italy and France. Paintings are then exhibited in Lithuania, France and neighboring countries.

  • Presented artists

    Pranas Gailius, Vytenis Lingys, Rūta Jusionytė, Gerard Stricher, Robert Sobocinski

  • Owner/director

    Edvidas Žukas

  • Address

    Užupio g. 16 LT-01203, Vilnius

  • Phone

    +370 606 28088

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