Lietuvos meno galerininkų asociacija

Irenos Mikuličiūtės dailės studija-galerija (Irena Mikuličiūtė Art Studio-Gallery) is the first private gallery founded in 1991 in Kaunas. The head and soul of the gallery is artist Irena Mikuličiūtė, who discovers and presents Kaunas artists and foreign artists to the public.

Irena Mikuličiūtė Art Studio-Gallery has presented the works of Alonas Štelmanas, Robertas Antinis, Rimvydas Jankauskas/KAMPAS, Romanas Averincevas, Arvydas Martinaitis, Andrius Makarevičius, Sigitas Laurinavičius, Irena Mikuličiūtė MIKA, and Anatoly Baratynsky.

The gallery’s activities extend in several directions: it exhibits works of contemporary Lithuanian and foreign artists, holds conceptual and thematic exhibitions, organizes various campaigns, international plein airs, and promotes the work of children’s art studio. Education is of particular importance to the gallery.

The gallery displayed an exhibition of drawings in Paris City des Arts 2019 and an exhibition of graphics and drawings at the International Biennale in Israel in 2018. For 20 years, Irena Mikuličiūtė Gallery has been organizing a drawing campaign in Kaunas for the prominent international jazz festival, Kaunas Jazz on the Pavement, every year attended by 200 children and young people. Many such campaigns have been organized during the art fair ArtVilnius.

  • Director/Owner

    Irena Mikuličiūtė

  • Presented artists

    Robertas Antinis, Romanas Averincevas, Anatoly Baratynsky, Andrius Makarevičius, Arvydas Martinaitis, Raimundas Mikšys, Sigitas Laurinaitis, Rimvydas Jankauskas /Kampas/, Eva Polka, Gintautas Vaičys, Algirdas Šakalys, Alonas Štelmanas

  • Address

    I.Kanto 5, Kaunas LT- 44296

  • Phone

    +370 686 24016

  • Email

  • Websitečiūtės-dailės-galerija-studija